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How to book ?

How can you book a room ?
For each room you want to book you must fill the following form by choosing:
- A date of arrival
- A date of departure
- A number of people

How can you book all rooms ?
To book all the rooms for the same dates first give information about arrival and departure dates for Les Fours room and click on book all bedrooms

The reception is from 5:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. for arrival and departures are made before 10:30.
For later arrival please contact us for an appointment.

Closed on the fist week of each month

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Book all rooms with "Les Fours" room criteria ?

Les Fours
1 / 3 p.
Les Montants
1 / 3 p.
Les Grands Cours
1 / 2 p.
La Croix Mont
1 / 2 p.
Les Crayères
1 / 4 p.

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