Our Story

The history of the vineyards starts with Pierre Trichet’s grandmother Antoinette. This
strong-minded woman, and her husband Edmond who was partly paralysed, both started to plant the first vine stocks from 1945 to 1950. The wine farm was born from the dividing in three parts of the grandparents’farm.

In 1961, Pierre’s parents, Thérèse and René got married and settled in Trois-Puits, a stone’s throw from the city of Reims. They were cereal farmers and they got on with the planting of the AOC land (Protected Appellation of Origin) they had been given.

The cellars were already there when they set in. Their revival began in 1970 when they started the adventure of champagne-making. At the beginning, those first two galleries were used as a fridge by the family. In 1971, the first bottles vinified by Thérèse and René were stored in these cellars. The House Champagne Trichet-Didier was born.

In 1979, René decided to extend the cellars. It was an incredible discovery : a gallery dating from 1789, the year of the French revolution. It was empty, of course, but suitable for up to 45 000 bottles. The first galleries were reunited and a lift was built in order to ease bottles handling.
In 1989, Pierre Trichet took the winery over and decided to completely renovate the main building. In 2015 third-generation wine grower Pierre Trichet writes himself a new page in the history of the family estate. He modernizes the packaging of the ancestral cuvées, appropriates them by affixing his name and forename Pierre Trichet on the label and specifies “Handmade since 1947”, date of the planting of the vineyard by his grandmother.

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